Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mar Raided

Merseyland Alternative Radio (MAR) raided

MAR was raided on Saturday 14 May 2010 and their 1314 KHz transmitter seized, along with other equipment.

They will continue on the internet at: in the meantime.

Updates can be found at:

The Merseypirates Forum: ( )

It looks like one of the local commercial outfits (or possibly a certain training outfit?) has been complaining again. It seems that when local radio is not doing very well, they need someone to blame for it and the pirates are the perfect excuse with thee alleged interference they cause. The commercial stations are being swallowed up by conglomerates and usually end up playing standard music packages which are dictated by the owners. Dune FM (Southport) and Central Radio (Preston) are a perfect example of this as they have merged, with shows coming from Southport, but they separate out the jingles and some commercials for each station. Personality presenters have generally been dropped by the ILR stations in favor of non-descript people who just do the weather and possibly a few back announcements in between the play listed packages. Very boring!